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Next Event Friday April 7th: 1130-130 Whitney Humanities Center (53 Wall St., New Haven) Room 208 and 2-4 at the Beinecke Library for an Object Study  

This webpage is designed to provide an informative and interpretative space for workshop participants and observers alike.

This site initially will be a for posting the events and relevant readings to the workshop. However, this will expand into a Collaborative Online Space, which we envision as a web-archive for people trying to do cross-cultural early modern work to learn and share with each other. Projected ideas for extending our pilot project on Early Modern Techne involve working with the Digital Humanities Lab at Yale to conceive of a virtual study-space to enable the development of scholarly connections that would facilitate exciting future research.

In addition, along with Yale’s special collections, we aim to craft a changing online exhibition space that highlights objects that might become both a useful pedagogical tool and the basis of new work on a global early modernity.

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WorkShop Series

The Early Modern Techne Workshop series will consist of three half-day events in the Spring of 2017 at Yale University.  The three workshops are entitled "Making Bodies, Defining Identities," "Skill," and "Technology," respectively. Each workshop will consist of three participants who will provide work which relate to the determined topics. 

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